Gerwentil is the historical name of the KarwendelMountain Range. One of the few places where you can still experience real adventures. The story begins at Ahornboden, at the northern entrance to the Karwendel.
Centuries-old maple trees are losing their leaves and prepare for the dark time of the year. Three freeriders set off into the mountains, always looking for new terrain and new challenges.
What they don’t know is: There’s something out there watching all their moves, trying to understand the reason behind these risky descents. A two-year Passion Project about freeriding, viewed from a new perspective, critically questioning the subject itself. Is it morally acceptable to invade a world populated by rare animals and plants just because we love exploring so much?

Directors: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar


Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar



Year of Production

2021 - Premiere