Midday at Midnight

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There are those attractions whose origin cannot be explained. It is not a question of human ties but rather of an alchemy between a skier and his mountain. This is the feeling I get when I think of the Dents du Midi. This immense North face, which culminates at more than 3000 m in altitude, keeps access to the giants of the Swiss Alps.

I grew up facing, learned to ski, walk and climb facing these peaks and have always dreamed of putting my spatulas there. Today, I am a freeride and steep slope skier, and I want to celebrate this massif which rocked my youth and nourished my love for the mountains.

Wouldn’t that be the best tribute I could pay them: skiing the 4 mythical lines of this massif at the 4 most beautiful times of the day: at sunrise, at noon, at sunset and at midnight.


Julien Ferrandez