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Angelika Rainer, born in Merano in 1986, is a three-times world champion in ice climbing and receives recognition around the world for her sporting skills. The Merano climber was the first woman in her family able to decide for herself what she wanted to do with her life. After the world championship titles and ten years of international competitions, the time has come for Angelika to steer her career in a new direction. She is looking for new challenges in order to question herself and overcome her biggest fears. With her partner and trainer Marco, Angelika sets out for the world’s most difficult ice and rock faces between the Italian Dolomites, the Greek island of Kalymnos, the Ironman route of Eptingen (Switzerland) and the ice caves and falls of Iceland; meeting other women, from within and without the world of sport, which will inspire her to progress both as an athlete and as a person.

Director: Elena Goatelli

Born in Bolzano in 1975, she obtained her degree in American Literature at Ca’Foscari University in 2001. In 2002 she won the Leonardo fellowship and started to work at documentary film department in Canal + Spain. In 2012 she directed her first documentary film Endometriosis, la punta del iceberg, broadcasted by the national Spanish television TVE. Together with her partner Angel Esteban she directed in 2013 One minute for conductors World Premiere at IDFA, best film at Dock of the Bay (Spain) e Cebu Film Festival (Philippines), distributed in South Korea by JIN JIN Pictures and internationally by SND films. In 2015 she wrote and directed together with Angel Esteban the film TOM about the British alpinist Tom Ballard, winner of more than ten international awards, distributed by Gazzetta dello Sport; in 2018 the short film Work & Happiness commissioned by Pergine Festival and produced by Altrove Films and Malditos, with the support of Trentino Film Commission, produced by Altrove Films and KOTTOMfilms. In 2019 she has presented at Trento Film Festival her short filmAuspicio produced by KOTTOMfilms and distributed by Altrove films and she has written the doc-serie Slow Revolution produced by Ready to reload (Spain).


Elena Goatelli



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