International Competition 2020

  /  International Competition 2020

The list of films officially selected to International Film Competition of the 18th Krakow Mountain Festival:

  1. Awaken, Director Georgina Craig, Switzerland
  2. A Plea For Refuge, Director Daniel Holmes, United States
  3. Agua Desgasta Roca (Water Wears Rock), Director Alvaro Crespo García, Spain
  4. Along the Edge, Director Philip Smeulers, Floor Jeuken, Holandia
  5. Building Bridges, Director Johannes Olszewski, Germany
  6. Carie, Director Achille Mauri, Italy
  7. Connection, Director Jan Zurek, Czech Republic
  8. Dream Mountain, Director Kyle Ruddick, United States
  9. Earn your turn, Director Arthur Ghilini, Alexis Blaze, France
  10. Echo, Director Barzan Rostami, Iran
  11. El Gran Hito (The Great Milestone), Director Ignasi López Fàbregas, Spain
  12. Everest – The Hard Way, Director Pavol Barabáš, Slovakia
  13. Fissure, reż. Christophe Margot, Switzerland
  14. Free as Can Be, Director Samuel Crossley, United States
  15. Fly Spiti, Director Benoit Delfosse, Belgium
  16. Godspeed, Los Polacos!, Director Adam Nawrot, United States
  17. Gorropu, Director Francesco Pierini, Ivan Frattina, Filippo Maragno, Italy
  18. Home, Director Yali Sharon, United States
  19. Hunza, Director Alexis Blaze, France
  20. Il cercatore d’infinito (The Infinity Seeker), Director Andrea Azzetti, Federico Massa, Italy
  21. K2. Pierwszy zjazd (K2: The Impossible Descent), Director Sławomir Batyra, Austria, Poland
  22. L’Escalade Libérée, Director Benoît Regord, France
  23. Lifelines – the Story of 2 Friends, Director Frank Kretschmann, Germany
  24. Metanoia, Director Flo Gassner, Austria
  25. Paradice, Director Daniel Bleuer, Jonas Schild, Nicolas Hojac, Switzerland
  26. Pitz Regolith, Director Yannick Mosimann, Switzerland
  27. Polyfonatura, Director Jon Vatne, Norway
  28. Road ahead is the way home, Director Azuo, China
  29. Selma, Director Maciej Jabłoński, Poland
  30. Spellbound, Director Richard Sidey, New Zealand
  31. Ściana Cieni (Wall of Shadows), Director Eliza Kubarska, Poland, Germany, Switzerland
  32. The Ridge of Dreams, Director Ben Sturgulewski, Zack Giffin, United States
  33. Tic Toc, Director Nils Bailey, Bianca Fidani, Argentina
  34. The Winter, Director Xin Li, Australia
  35. Ufo Life, Director Jan Šimánek, Czech Republic
  36. Valhalla. Rocky Sky, Director David López “Campe”, Karel Downsbrough, Esteban Lahoz , Sergi Latorre, Spain
  37. Zermatt to Verbier, Director Etienne Mérel, Switzerland


The Orgnisers reserve the right (according to Rules & Terms) to supplement the list with additional films.

The Jury awards the following prizes:


  • Grand Prix for the Best Film of the International Film Competition (1500 Euro)
  • The Best Mountaineering Film of the International Film Competition (500 Euro)
  • The Best Climbing Film of the International Film Competition (500 Euro)
  • The Best Adventure/Exploration Film of the International Film Competition (500 Euro)
  • The Best Mountain Culture/Nature/People Film of the International Film Competition (500 Euro)

A Plea for Refuge

Two friends have a desire to experience one of the last, raw, and truly preserved wilderness areas on the North American continent. They hike and fly paragliders across the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the eastern Brooks Range of Alaska, […]

Along the Edge

A portrait of Malvin, an adventurer from the flattest country in Europe who follows his passion and dreams to find his happiness. Where does he find it? Of course in the mountains, along the edge.


The picture shows us three groups of winter adventurers in three astonishing locations around the world as they are faced with the growing impact of climate change. This film reminds us that the environmental message is simple: to adventure is […]

Building Bridges

High above the sacred Navajo land of Monument Valley two hot air balloons float. One carries the German flag, the other that of the United States. A closer look reveals that the balloons are not only tethered together, but that […]


A story of Italian climbers exploring the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps, a proof that climbing can be a form of redevelopment of abandoned spaces. The walls impose movements difficult to find in any other context and at the […]


A highline webbing connects not only two sides of the gorge, two peaks or two mountain summits. It also connects people who share the same passion. Whether it is slacklining, climbing or mountaineering. This is a movie about highline project […]

Dream Mountain

When is it right to follow your dreams? International mountain guide Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita reflects on the most important expedition of all – her own life. Pasang rediscovers how much the mountains have meant to her. The film offers […]

Earn your turn

Julien “Pica” Herry takes us to his own garden. A high mountain guide born in Chamonix is a lover of powder snow, his specialty is the steep slope. This film portrait is a story of a simple man who finds […]


An intriguing, animated tale about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human race.

Everest. The Hard Way

Is it possible to climb the hardest route on Mount Everest in Alpine style? Chris Bonington named the route The Hard Way and stated it is impossible. This became a challenge for four Slovak climbers. In 1988 they started their […]


Highly unusual story of the Swiss Didier Berthod who was one of the best crack’s climbers in the world in early 2000′. Then he decided to become a priest.

Fly Spiti

Two of the most experienced paragliding pilots engage in exploration of the Spiti Valley in the Indian Himalayas.They set of on an adventure to find out why almost nobody tried to fly in this place where, according to Rudyard Kipling, […]

Free as Can Be

When a young climber infatuated with climbing history meets an old legend, he commits to helping him accomplish his lifelong goal of free climbing El Capitan. An inspiring all-round story about mountains, climbing and friendship.

Godspeed, Los Polacos!

The film is set 40 years in the past, but it could not be more timely. It is a story about five university students who risk it all to fight for democracy in the Eastern Bloc after claiming the first […]

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A film portrait of Aleksandra Taistra, a passionate rock climber who realized her multi-season project Hotel Supramonte in October 2019. The film reveals both the talents of Aleksandra and the emotional and mental side that underly a project of such […]


Feeling trapped in routines, Pierce quits his job and sells all his possessions to go live adventurously in the wilderness. By rejecting complacency, embracing uncertainty, and welcoming new challenges, he searches for his own version of freedom. Based on a […]


We take on an adventure with three world-class freeriders who take us away of the beaten track to discover new lines in the Hunza Valley, on the borders of Pakistan. When they are not on their skis at very high […]

K2. The Impossible Descent

An inspiring story about the first-ever ski descent from the K2 summit (8611 m), which was made on July 22, 2018 by Andrzej Bargiel. The document explains the details of this wonderful and complicated undertaking.

L’Escalade Libérée

Learn to love the path, and not the goal, take care of your body and share the climb. This is a sensitive and aesthetic documentary featuring legendary Antoine Le Menestrel who shows us climbing from a different angle. The movie […]

Lifelines – the Story of 2 Friends

Two great alpinists and friends – Roger Schaeli and Stephan Siegrist – share a modern vision of climbing: it has to be fast, hard, uncompromising. However they live different lives. For one of them it is an endless road trip, […]


The Mountain Tribe Crew embarks on a ski touring adventure in the Ötztal Alps in early 2020. As the pandemic situation is worsening an inner tension spreads among freeriders. Finally they decide to end the film project early. However, the […]

Paradice. A journey into frozen waterfalls

In winter, the Alps turn into a paradise for top alpine sport. Huge waterfalls freeze to ice and leave unique formations. Paradice shows three of the most beautiful Swiss ice climbing tours from an unusual perspective. A film about risk, […]

Piz Regolith. Der Mensch ist kein Berg

A postmodern swiss-tyrolean ensemble ventures into remote mountaineous regions, embracing the sonorous variety of local vernaculars. A poetic road movie with stunning shots and an emphatic approach to a new alpine aesthetics.


This is something different. Four years ago musician, artist and sound geek Eirik Havnes began his most ambitious project ever, taking him on an epic journey through the Norwegian nature to a creative place no one has ever been before. […]

Road ahead is the way home

In June 2019, a team of three Chinese alpinists set off into Karakoram. Their target was an unclimbed 6000 m peak with a distinguished spire, sitting at the end of Liligo glacier, the opposite side of famous Trango Towers. Not […]


A story about the voyage of the Polish yacht S/Y Selma Expedition in the most difficult antarctic conditions in the world. Eleven crew members decide to take on the heroic challenge of reaching the Bay of Whales – the southernmost […]


Wingsuit BASE jumping is often presented as a thrill seeking adrenaline rush. Spellbound takes us deeper into the more contemplative aspects of jumping, as David Walden and friends venture into the mountains around his home in New Zealand.

The Great Milestone (El Gran Hito)

A woman bored of waiting for her husband to return from his mountain escapade decides to seek some adventure of her own and attempt a more modest ascent. Being a woman, she will have to overcome obstacles that will prove […]

The Infinity Seeker

“God won’t ask me how many mountains I climbed but what I did for people” These are the words of Armando Aste, a great mountaineer, who died in 2017. The documentary seeks the origin of his personal faith. The thought […]

The Ridge of Dreams

Two best friends with very different views on life embark on a search for a mythical unskied mountain.

The Winter

Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it. A beautiful animated tale which draws us closer to nature and our […]

Tic Toc

After the first, failed attempt a group of explorers try to get to the Trébol Lake, crossing through the Valdivian rainforest in the Aysen region, in Chile. The movie shows how they delve deeper in the world of exploration and […]

Ufo Life

Marek Holeček and Zdeněk Hák, winners of the 2018 Piolet D’Or award for Satisfaction! route on Gasherbrum I, push their luck in Himalayas again. A documentary by Jan Šimánek brings both an insight into the mountaineers’ personal lives and a […]

Valhalla. Rocky Sky

Edu Marín, his father Francisco “Novato” and his brother Álex, embark on an uncertain adventure, in which the probabilities of success are low but the reward can be enormous. The determination of the Marin to conquer the largest roof in […]

Wall of Shadows

Kumbhakarna, named after the mythical giant, is one of the last sacred Sherpa Mountains. Buddhist monks and Sherpas from the village at the foot of the mountain protect the its holy face. In February 2019, a small expedition arrives in […]

Water Wears Rock

A story about Alberto, a climber who suffers from multiple sclerosis since he was 17 years old. Against his own limitations, his goal is to climb the Naranjo de Bulnes in Asturias, Spain, a 2510 meters heigh peak, one of […]

Zermatt to Verbier

The “Patrouille des Glaciers” is a mythic race organized by the Swiss Army across the highest traverse in the Alps, linking Zermatt to Verbier. This is a story of Faction team’s human-powered journey as they discover the majestic peaks, incredible […]