Polish Film Competition (2020)

  /  Polish Film Competition (2020)

The list of films officially selected to Polish Film Competition of the 18th Krakow Mountain Festival::

  1. Everest dla każdego, Director Adrian Dmoch
  2. K2. Pierwszy zjazd, Director Sławomir Batyra
  3. Kingsajz – Micaj & Yeti w Amerykańskich Rysach, Director Dominik Zalewski
  4. Krakowski Kwartet, Director Paweł Jędo – Premiere
  5. Opętany, Director Jakub Brzosko – Premiere
  6. Panku, Director Emil Palenica
  7. Roman Ficek biegiem przez GSB, Director Łukasz Malinowski
  8. Selma, Director Maciej Jabłoński
  9. Ściana Cieni, Director Eliza Kubarska
  10. The Old Man of Hoy Climb & Base, Director Jakub Zajączkowski
  11. Trzy sztuki w Antarktyce, Director Bartosz Stróżyński
  12. Wiara przyniosła górę, Director Wojciech Pęcek

Everest for everyone

The aftermath of the logistically record-breaking ventures: the trekking to the Everest base camp in 2018 and the next expedition organized to the base of the highest mountain in the world in autumn 2019. The participants included climbers, travelers, mountain […]

Faith Brought the Mountain

A documentary about the extraordinary folk artist Józef Wrona and his “Kalwaria Tokarska”, an exceptional gallery of outdoor sculptures created by him alone on Urbania Góra (674 m).

K2. The Impossible Descent

An inspiring story about the first-ever ski descent from the K2 summit (8611 m), which was made on July 22, 2018 by Andrzej Bargiel. The document explains the details of this wonderful and complicated undertaking.

Kingsajz – Micaj & Yeti in American Cracks

Michał Kajca presents a new climbing area on the map of Lower Silesia. “Kingsajz” is a closed quarry of hard sandstone, in which climbers have opened some difficult trad climbing routes. Marcin Tomaszewski’s visit becomes a good excuse to interview […]

Krakowski Kwarter

Michał is the founder of the rock climbing school called “Skalne Dziki”. Lately he set himself the goal of sending four routes in grade VI.4 (7b) in four historical climbing regions near Krakow. To move between the crags he rides […]


A film about Krzysztof Pankiewicz (1951-2009), an outstanding climber and mountaineer of the 1970s and 1980s. His partners and friends recall him in front of the camera. The highlight of this story is a winter expedition to Nanga Parbat in […]


The film presents Marcin Gąsienica Kotelnicki, one of the authors of the most difficult climbing routes in the Tatra Mountains. Inspired by his spiritual mentors, Marcin introduce us into his world, full of passion, dedication and determination. Along with the […]

Roman Ficek running on GSB trail

The document presents a record run by Roman Ficek on the longest mountain trail in Poland, known as the “Main Beskid Trail”. The runner covered a distance of 500 km and an altitude difference of 21 thousand meters, getting from […]


A story about the voyage of the Polish yacht S/Y Selma Expedition in the most difficult antarctic conditions in the world. Eleven crew members decide to take on the heroic challenge of reaching the Bay of Whales – the southernmost […]

The Old Man Of Hoy Climb & B.A.S.E

In may 2008 Roger Holmes, Gus Hutchinson-Brown and Tim Emmett did the first ever BASE jump from the elegant spire on Island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands (Scotland). 11 years later, Filip Kubica and Dominik Grajner go to The […]

Three Arts in the Antarctica

The film presents adventures of the group of artists participating in the first-ever expedition of Polish artists to Antarctica. The aim of the expedition was to popularize this unique and beautiful place through culture and art. During this escapade there […]

Wall of Shadows

Kumbhakarna, named after the mythical giant, is one of the last sacred Sherpa Mountains. Buddhist monks and Sherpas from the village at the foot of the mountain protect the its holy face. In February 2019, a small expedition arrives in […]