Rosanna Stedile

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Graduated in foreign languages at the University of Trento, she has worked in the social sector, then as teacher in Italy and abroad and as translator until her adventure began at Trento Film Festival, in 2002. Beside the general managing of the office yearly activity, she works with the festival film direction on scouting contents for the festival program.

Rosanna Stedile (photo: Luisella Decarli)

She is also the main organising reference for foreign guests as well as the coordinator of the festival film programme and of most festival mountaineering events and guests. She is also the reference person for the international film Jury. She is also the Festival reference for the IAMF – International Alliance for Mountain Films.

Furthermore, she cooperates in the selections of contents and related agreements for the Festival distribution circuit known as Trento Film Festival 365, and for the platform (a project in cooperation with the Italian Alpine Club), the Festival’s true alternative distribution circuits for mountain-themed quality documentaries and short films, otherwise almost absent from Italian cinemas.

She lives in Rovereto, the place where she has grown up, nearby Trento, home of her family and friends.