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Only films made after 1st January 2022 may be entered into the International Film Competition and the Polish Film Competition. Films may represent various film categories (feature, documentary, animated, experimental, etc.), as well as various topics connected with the mountains (mountaineering, rock climbing, any type of mountain activities, mountain nature, hiking, etc.). The length of the film should not exceed 50 minutes (though longer films will not be automatically disqualified).


The Festival Organisation Office accepts entries to the International Film Competition by 10th September 2023. By this date the submitter should perform the following actions:

  • in the case of the International Film Competition – send the film via FilmFreeway online service. Pay the registry fee of: Early bird 25 USD (15 June), Regular Deadline 30 USD (1st August), Late Deadline 35 USD (10th September). The films should have a script in English. The films entered to the International Film Competition should be sent in Full HD (mov or mp4, AAC Audio Codec) together with a script in English.

Admission of a film for selection is conditioned by the delivery date of the film to the Festival Organisation Office.

Polish film-makers submit their films exclusively to the Polish Film Competition. The Selection Committee will choose films to be included in the International Film Competition.


The final decision on admitting a film to the International or Polish Film Competition will be made by the KFG Programme Director. There is no appeal against this decision.

The list of the qualified films will be announced at by 31st October 2023.

In both Competitions, premièred films will be favoured – this refers to world, European or Polish premières.

Submitting a film does not guarantee that the film will be presented during the Festival.

The will be no fee paid to film-makers for film projections during the International Competition and the Polish Competition.


The submitter declares that he or she holds all copy rights to the film. Additionally, the creator of the film declares that he or she holds necessary rights and has paid all relevant fees concerning music used in the film and all iconographic materials. The music licence needs to include also public presentations of the film.

The creators of the film bear all financial and legal responsibility for infringement of rights held by third parties. In the case of images of third parties being featured in the film, the creator of the film declares that he or she holds all required rights and received the permission to use the image of the person concerned.


The competing films will be judged by the Jury led by the Chairperson.


The Jury awards the following prizes:

  • The First Award: Grand Prix for the Best Film of the International Film Competition,
  • The Best Mountaineering Film of the International Film Competition,
  • The Best Climbing Film of the International Film Competition,
  • The Best Adventure/Exploration Film of the International Film Competition,
  • The Best Mountain/Culture/Nature/People Film of the International Film Competition,
  • The Best Film Socially Engaged Cinema,
  • The First Award for the Best Polish Film of the Polish Film Competition,
  • The Second Award of the Polish Film Competition.

The Jury holds the right to award other prizes and recognitions in the International Film Competition and in the Polish Film Competition.


During the Festival, other prizes – not awarded by the Jury – will be also given (including the People’s Choice Award, awards from sponsors).


The official announcement of the Jury’s decisions will be made public on 3rd December 2023 during the Final Gala (traditional/live or virtual/online). During the Gala, the winners will receive symbolic cheques visually representing the prizes. The actual financial prizes will be transferred to winners’ bank accounts after the end of the Gala – by 31st January 2024.


The entry of a film into the Film Competition is equal to a permission for: presentations of the film during the Festival (live and online format) and using fragments of the film in marketing materials. The submitter grands his or her permission for publication of information concerning the film (in written and photographic form) both at the Festival website, Festival’s online platform at and in all official Festival publications and press materials.

All additional film presentations outside the Festival programme require a separate permission of the film producer.


In the case of films with an exceptional artistic or documentary value, the organisers may make an exception from the requirements of the Terms and Conditions and qualify a film after the final date of submission.

The organisers, in the case of films with an exceptional artistic or documentary value, may resign from charging the registry fee as described in Point 2.


The Organisers disclose copies of films only to members of the Selection Committee and, in the case of films qualified for the Film Competition, to members of the Jury, translators and the company managing film presentations.


The format of the 21st edition will be organized in traditional/live and virtual/online. The traditional/live event will be held in ICE Krakow Congress Center 2nd – 3rd December. All screenings will be also presented at online platform (with registered access, geoblocked – Poland region). The platform will be open for a public from December 4th till December 31st.