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On the trail of nomadic peoples and the ancient Silk Roads, Thomas Delfino, accompanied by Léa Klaue and Aurélien Lardy, embark on an expedition to reach one of the most remote places on the continent. The Kokshaal-Too range is located in the Tian Shan mountain range, on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China, and harbors unexplored mountains and faces. This skilled team, accompanied by renowned guides Hélias Millerioux and Jean-Yves Fredriksen, finds themselves propelled into a Space where Time seems to have suddenly come to a halt.

Director Guillaume Broust

Guillaume is an author and documentary filmmaker with a unique approach to exploration, adventure, and outdoor sports. He specializes in outdoor documentaries, capturing footage in the most inaccessible and unlikely places. Since 2018, he has been producing films as an independent director. With over twenty years of experience and 200 films produced in climbing, paragliding, skiing, and mountaineering, Guillaume has created his own style and cinematic universe. His films offer a quirky perspective on the mountains, where storytelling, humor, and music take center stage in the creative process, earning him numerous awards at international festivals.


Guillaume Broust






53 min