How do you cross through a natural land that was redefined by a century of excavations?
The answer is to be found as you walk in silence.
From the summit of Mount Magnodeno you can see three quarries that cut into the mountain. The landscape is harsh, although kind of cosy, but you can hear a sort of stunning noise. Human bodies have changed the environment, and human bodies walk, getting back a political power that finally makes silence possible. We cross through the landscape at the end, with a slow progress, a symbol for a humanity that modifies history, but is also capable of remembering it.


Director Biography

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, I first approached the audiovisual language mostly experimenting, exploring video installations and short films.
My final dissertation focused on Direct cinema and in 2015 attended the documentary’s course at the Scuola Civica di Cinema Luchino Visconti.
I like to experiment with different languages: in the last few years I developed as well my passion for theatre, which I approached working as videomaker for different companies


Luana Giardino






7 min


Saturday, S3A, 16:10-16:30