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Alex Luger has spent five years pushing the limits of multi-pitch climbing and challenging himself in unprecedented ways on “Seventh Direction”, his hardest climb so far. As he nears the completion of his psychotherapy studies, Alex reflects on his priorities and questions his motivations for pursuing extreme difficulty and danger. Together with his mentor, Johannes Rauch, he embarks on a transformative journey to explore the complex psychological relationship between his psyche and extreme climbing.


Ray Demski is a Photographer, Cinematographer & Director based in the German Alps near Munich.
Growing up in the rocky mountains of Canada, Ray always loved the outdoors, a passion amplified by the fact that from the age of 14, he spent seven years sailing around the world on a 45-foot sailboat.
It was during this time that Ray picked up his first camera and ignited his passion for documenting the diverse people and landscapes around him, while also developing his skills as an athlete.

In his role as a Nikon European Ambassador, Ray continues to push the possibilities of action and adventure photography. Inspiring others to explore the world around them and reach for something different.

Jasmine Ellis is a Canadian award–winning film director based out of Munich, Germany.  Widely known for her indie, arthouse and dance based film work, Ellis directs shorts, music videos, commissions and commercial work. A graduate of Etobicoke School of the Arts, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory. Ellis’s uncategorised approach to film, movement, body language, text and music is the basis of her artistic approach in which humour, vulnerability and familiarity are woven together to create unexpected worlds. Ellis is the Artistic Director of Bad Posture Productions and Jasmine Ellis Projects gUG


Ray Demski, Jasmine Ellis






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