Wanda. You Can See Better From Above. The Story Of An Extraordinary Woman

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There were several films telling the story of her climbing. We tell the story of her journey through life – from the beginning to the present time. Because even though she disappeared in the Himalayas many years ago, she still evokes strong emotions. Some people say that she was the pioneer of feminism in Poland because she wanted to prove that women could climb mountains just like men.

In our film, we present the stories about Wanda told by her friends, family members, persons who climbed with her, and participated with her in car races. Finally, she talks about herself. We can watch fragments of archival recordings of interviews made with her. Wanda talked about important things in her life. We hear her voice recorded in the radio program “Lato z Radiem”. (Summer with the Radio). In our film, you will see many previously unpublished archival photos.

You can listen to Tadeusz Różewicz telling his story about Wanda, who was voiced by Henryk Talar.
It is also a story about an unhappy woman. She had to deal with the loss of the closest persons to her. She never had a family. When it seemed that she had finally met the love of her life – Kurt, he died right in front of her eyes.
When was she really herself? When she opened up emotionally, showed her desires and her weakness, which was the innate shyness that she carefully tried to conceal?

This film does not present the majestic pictures of the Himalayas, it is rather a story about Wanda’s life, a story told by herself and by her friends, it contains photos that say more about her than many other films, in fact they say a lot – if we only want to take a closer look at them.

Or maybe no one knows what’s the truth about her? But is there only one truth? Everyone has their own story concerning Wanda.

Did she have one herself?

The Film “Wanda. Z góry widać lepiej. Opowieść o kobiecie niezwykłej” has been produced by Aurel Company.


Bartosz Kowalski






76 min


Sunday, S1, 11:00-12:50, followed by discussion