Inussuk. The Way Home

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The film is set on the west coast of Greenland during calendar winter. Two big-wall climbers Marcin Yeti Tomaszewski and Paweł Hałdaś plan to establish the first ever climbing route at this time of year. It is narrated by independent voices – an Inuit woman recalling her father, a reflective narrator describing the climbers’ presence among the frozen fjords, and the climbers themselves. The film does not present the technical aspects of the climb, nor does it chronicle it – instead it describes the inner lives of the characters, their reflections during the expedition. The title-character Inussuk is a type of sculpture created by the Inuit by arranging stones in such a way that their pile resembles a standing person. Inussuk has a practical significance – it serves as a signpost. Inussuk can also show the way through life, the way back home, fulfilling its mystical purpose.


Marcin Tomaszewski, Gosia Ochnicka, Wojciech Wysocki






16 min


Sunday, S1, 11:00-11:50, followed by a presentation