Zuza. Far From The Peaks

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“Zuza – Far From The Peaks” is a combination of documentary and ski film and tells the story and sports path of Zuzanna Witych, a native of city of Łódź, which is a completely flat city located in the middle of Poland, who is currently one of the best freeride skiers in the world.

The film shows an interesting and uncommon story of a girl who, despite lack of facilities, long distance from the mountains and many obstacles, thanks to her passion, realises her skiing dreams and reaches the world’s top freeride skiers.

The main character tells the story of her childhood and youth spent in Lodz, where, despite the great distance from the mountains, she finds ways to practice her sport in the middle of the city. Then, through the story, the spectator discovers the sport of freeride, gets to know the backstage of competing in the biggest and most important freeride competition in the world – the Freeride World Tour, and experiences the sport’s ups and downs together with the athlete. The film tells the story of the emotions that comes with competing for the best results, fighting fears and overcoming one’s own barriers.


Maciej Sulima






33 min


Sunday, S2, 16:00-16:50 , followed by a discussion