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On 10 August 2021, Peter Moser linked six of the main peaks of the Pale di San Martino in a single day. Inspired by the pioneers of mountaineering, Peter carried out the solo traverse along the historic routes of the first climbers, relying solely on his own experience as a mountain guide. A confrontation on equal terms with the mountain, at speed but without haste, an intimate journey that Peter Moser wanted to make in order to get to the roots of mountaineering and his being a mountaineer, where exploration and amazement for Nature are still possible.


Alessandro Beltrame owner of AGB studio video practices mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, speleology, biking, diving and alpine skiing. Long experienced cameraman and author, he has over a hundred productions to his credit, on behalf of institutions, national and international television, expeditions and documentaries all over the world.

Director Statement

“Storytelling through images“: this is what I attempt when I am fortunate enough to encounter extraordinary places, people and situations. Twenty years’ worth of travelling and documenting, numerous experiences, evolving technology, and both new people and situations, all of which have I have somehow always managed to learn from.
Our nurturing and tutoring Mother Nature. The curiosity of discovering about Her, from the seemingly insignificant to Her most ancient secrets.
There is an old Indian saying which states that we won’t be remembered for what we have said or done but for how we made people feel.


Alessandro Beltrame






30 min


Saturday, S3A, 17:40-18:20