A group of climbers aspire to bring more inclusivity in the Indian climbing scene by developing new sport routes in Badami – a town known for it’s historic temples of the Chalukya dynasty (6th century). Facing opposition from other climbers they stay determined to seek new ways of taking the sport forward. With the help of a crowdfunding initiative they get the support from climbers from India and abroad to bring the community together and train a new generation of route developers. Creating lasting bonds through a shared love for climbing.


Pratik is an Indian filmmaker and creative director. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from University of Mumbai and a Master’s in Advertising & Design from the University of Leeds, UK.

Currently, he serves as the Creative Head of an Indian advertising agency, where he creates branded storytelling for large national and international brands.

Pratik’s passion lies in delving into stories that revolve around communities and individuals. His directorial debut, the documentary film “Powerstar,” shot in February 2023 in collaboration with Mineral Studios, dives deep into the development of the Indian rock climbing community.


Pratik Singla






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