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Ever since Bernd Zangerl started to climb he has been searching for the perfect line. In Rakchham he was once again hoping to find it. What he discovered was even better than that.

For climbers, Rakchham is a playground with endless possibilities. Together with his friends, Bernd has established hundreds of boulder-problems in the magical forests around the village.

In the last years Bernd´s desire to make his personal „Shangri-la“ also accessible for other climbers grew. For him, it was clear that this can only work in respectful cooperation with the people who have been living here for thousands of years. Only if they have all the threads run through their hands can this project be a successful one.


Ray Demski is a Photographer, Cinematographer & Director based in the German Alps.
Growing up in the rocky mountains of Canada, Ray always loved the
outdoors, a passion amplified by the fact that from the age of 14, he spent
seven years sailing around the world on a 45-foot sailboat.
It was during this time that Ray picked up his first camera and ignited his
passion for documenting the diverse people and landscapes around him,
while also developing his skills as an athlete.
In his role as a Nikon European Ambassador, Ray continues to push the
possibilities of action and adventure photography. Inspiring others to explore
the world around them and reach for something different.


Ray Demski






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