Author: Michał Gurgul

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This year, on the second weekend of December, real winter covered Krakow, making life difficult for its inhabitants. However, at the same time, a group of enthusiasts in colourful down jackets were enjoying this change of scenery, which undoubtedly suited and added charm to their feast. A feast of mountains, the Krakow Mountain Festival. Here are a few words of summary.

The main events of this year’s Krakow Mountain Festival took place at the weekend of 12th/13th December. Among traditional live events there were of course meetings with guests, presentations, interviews, workshops and also two award ceremonies - of the Film Awards and the Krakow Mountain Award. Broadcasts from most of the Festival events are available until December 31st on the streaming platform together with almost 50 mountain films.

The KFG Film Competitions (Polish and International) are traditionally one of highlights of the Krakow Mountain Festival (KFG). This year, despite the unusual online format of the Festival, the Jury had a tough choice – in total there were almost 50 competing films. Last weekend, we discovered the winners in separate categories and the laureate of the Grand Prix – the film K2: First Descent by Sławomir Batyra. Congratulations!

We are about to start a unique version of the Festival. Certainly, we will all miss the atmosphere that has accompanied meetings during the Krakow Mountain Festival (KFG) for 17 years. However, in recent months, we have grown used to the virtual world and started noticing advantages of the online formula. Apart from live content – that will be streamed on 12th - 13th December from a broadcasting studio in Krakow, the organisers have prepared this year lots of tasty attractions. 

The verdict of the Film Contest Jury was made public last weekend during the award ceremony of the 17th Krakow Mountain Festival. The Last Mountain turned out to be the biggest winner this year. This documentary film directed by Darek Załuski received both the Grand Prix of the International Film  Competition and also the First Prize of the Polish Film Competition.

During the Krakow Mountain Festival we present the best mountain films competing in two categories - the International and Polish Film Competitions. Yesterday, during an official award ceremony of the 16th Krakow Mountain Festival, the verdict of the Jury was announced. Although there were several really impressive films this year, especially in the International “race”, it is not difficult to guess who was distinguished with Grand Prix.